The Generational Divide

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How does each generation manage their technologies? And in what ways does the tech manage us?

Are the millennials and generation Z completely different to baby-boomers and generation Xers in the way we approach tech? Georgina Godwin and Julia Hobsbawm speak with; Dolly Alderton – journalist and author of Everything I Know About Love, co-host of The High Low Show podcast; Eliza Filby – historian of contemporary values, millennials expert and fellow at Kings College London; Timandra Harkness – presenter of the BBC Radio 4 series FutureProofing, author of Big Data and stand up comedian; Parag Khanna – leading global strategist and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre on Asia and Globalisation at the National University of Singapore; and Nathan Myhrvold – Founder and CEO of Intellectual Ventures, author of ‘Modernist Cuisine’.

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Key thinkers discuss the generational divide

“The average teenager today gets their first smartphone when they are 13 and they spend 7 hours a day connected to it. As a generational cohort, they are having less sex, they are going out less, they are not learning to drive at the same pace and speed as their parents, they are taking less drugs… What are they doing instead? They are connected, constantly, on their phones and connecting via social media.”

“The fears that AI will destroy us all are quite absurd. AI doesn’t work well enough for that to happen, nor is there any particular reason to think that AI, when it gets more powerful, will want to destroy us.”

“I have witnessed many arguments between people who are friends on Slack because they’ve misconstrued something someone has said. So, I hate it when people don’t use emojis and gifs.”

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