MIT Special

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MIT Special:

How essential is the internet? What’s going to change? Georgina Godwin and Julia Hobsbawm speak with; Professor Sandy Pentland – Director of Connection Science & Human Dynamics Labs, MIT; Professor César Hidalgo – Director, Collective Learning Group at MIT Media Lab; William Newton – President & EMEA Managing Director, WiredScore; and Tom Redmayne – Director of Business Development UK, WiredScore.

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Key thinkers discuss the internet and what MIT labs have been working on…

‘In the modern world, you can work without air conditioning, and you can work without sewage, but you literally cannot work without the internet’

‘We could build a system in which you can sign up, you can create an avatar, you can train that avatar, and that avatar can start voting on the things that the Congress in your country is voting on’

‘Unfortunately, it’s sort of flattering to be called rational and in charge of yourself, and so it’s really taken off and it’s the way policy makers, business people, everybody thinks about humans – but of course humans are really elements of a network, it’s the social fabric that matters.’

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