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The Human and The Machine

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How does the human world of work and lives respond to the march of the machines?

In 2017 – 2018 Editorial Intelligence, in association with Vodafone and other partners presented a series of Europe-wide gatherings looking at the implications of the huge tectonic shifts taking place for humans facing the second machine age. Speakers and audiences comprised of key invited individuals from across the fields of business, media, culture, policy, academia and digital worlds. Editorial Intelligence have carried on the conversation with the Human and the Machine podcasts – Series 2 is in production, watch this space for new episodes!  
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Probably the most pressing question of our times is how technology is going to affect us. Yes, we’ve been here before, the Industrial Revolution etc, but have we? This era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is transforming everything and the risk is that the human becomes outsourced, secondary.
This series of podcasts explores with key thinkers of the day the latest information, and explores the ins and outs of what it all means. With features such as TechnoHeaven and TechnoHell, not to mention TechnoShabbat, we also look at some quick takes on how we got here – and how to survive and thrive successfully. Series 2 begins early 2019.


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Our last event was in Berlin on 24 May 2018 at Soho House.

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