Artificial Intelligence – will it enslave or set us free?

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Artificial Intelligence with Geoff Mulgan – Episode One

Co-presenters Julia Hobsbawm and Georgina Godwin talk to Geoff Mulgan, the Chief Executive of Nesta, and author of Big Mind.

A panel comprised of Tom Adeyoola CEO and Founder of Metail, Carl Miller,  the Research Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media and Tracey Groves, the Founder and Director of Intelligent Ethics Limited consider how we survive and thrive in a digital world.

And film maker Lord David Puttnam – who sits on the House of Lords Select Committee on AI gives us his take on the best and worst in the digital world in our techno heaven and techno hell section. Plus – we all need to switch off sometimes – we’ll be talking about techno Shabbat.

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Recorded on the 1st February 2018 in Spiritland Studio in London.

Key thinkers discuss AI

The theme we’re looking at is the topic of AI: how will machine learning affect everything?

“The big question of now is how we reap and harvest the full potential of an extraordinary flood of technologies from AI, sensors and blockchain, and so on, in ways that actually make our lives better.”

“Everything and anything that involves an algorithm of some type, which is self-propagated by a machine is called AI, but it’s very difficult to call it artificial intelligence.” 

“For me, the humanity element is about the ability to apply wisdom, apply judgment and that sense of innovation and imagination that cannot be replicated by a machine.”

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